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A properly functioning furnace in your home is essential – especially here in Michigan! We know how important it is to keep your family safe and warm.  Though helping people keep the climate of their homes comfortable, in some instances, a properly functioning furnaces can, literally, be a lifesaver.

At RP Carder Mechanical we have repaired or installed most solutions available, and have seen the changes over the years.  Using our experience and knowledge, we know how to gauge what works best for your home or business and find the perfect solution to fit your needs and budget.

Furnace Selection

American Standard Top Performer RP CarderWe’ll help you make an informed decision and make recommendations that fit your needs and what you value most.  Here are some common things considered when selecting a furnace:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Single stage, two stage or self-modulating?
  • Variable speed blower or standard?
  • Noise
  • Space:  Is supplemental heating needing?
  • Cost
  • Return on Investment


American Standard

RP Carder Mechanical carries the American Standard line of gas and oil furnaces, that present a range in terms of features and performance to meet your needs.  Currently, we are the only independent American Standard dealer in Midland.   American Standard selected RP Carder Mechanical for our reputation in the industry.

No two homes or buildings are alike, and with American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s renowned reliability, there’s a wide range of home HVAC systems you can trust to effectively bring comfort to yours.

American Standard offers 3 series of residential furnaces:  Platinum, Gold, and Silver.  Via the links below, you can explore which  HVAC system best fits your needs.   Components in each of the series are designed to work together or mix and match perfectly, too, offering families the ultimate in flexibility.

Platinum Series

The best of the best, the top of the line. These products not only provide the highest level of comfort for you and your family, they are also the most efficient products you can trust for total home comfort.

Learn more about the American Standard Platinum Series.

Gold Series

Efficiency is important when it comes to creating a comfortable home. Our Gold Series reliably brings all the comfort you’ll need to your home, stress-free.

Learn more about the American Standard Gold Series.

Silver Series

Tip the comfort-to-value scales in your favor. Raise your standards for comfort with these reliable products without breaking the bank.

Learn more about American Standard Silver Series.


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