The Right Thermostat Can Make All the Difference!

Programmable, energy-efficient thermostats are an easy and desirable retrofit in most homes today.  They can be connected with most heating and cooling systems.

And, if you’re a commercial customer, flexible zone control thermostat control throughout your building is a must.  RP Carder knows you care about easy to operate, and effective thermostats that provide programmable occupancy schedules, set points, holiday set backs,  and more.  Wouldn’t it be nice to set it and forget it for a change?

The technology and range of options available has increased significantly over the past couple years, and can do almost everything accept wash the dishes.  With digital, programmable thermostats you can now:

Control your thermostat with mobile apps, and tailor them to match your home decor,

Control your thermostat with your voice,

And More!

Just interested in a manual or basic digital thermostat?  Those are available, too, and continuously improve in their ability to control the temperature of your home.

We appreciate the value, control, operation efficiencies, and innovation that come with Honeywell Thermostat products as well as those from American Standard that work perfectly with American Standard heating & cooling systems.  And, we are able to evaluate, install, or replace any type or brand of thermostat in your home or place of business.

Call RP Carder Mechanical for consultation on what type of thermostat is best for you!