Hi, I’m Ryan Carder

I’m the owner and operator of RP Carder Mechanical LLC.  I’ve been doing heating and air conditioning work for over 15 years, and formed my company in 2004.  We specialize in designing, engineering, installing and maintaining complete comfort systems for new and existing buildings, both residential and commercial.

RP Carder Mechanical is built on my values of professional customer care, technical expertise and practical experience.  I’m often asked how I got into this business, and the simple answer is that I love what I do.  Each job, whether big or small, is an enjoyable challenge for me and my team to do the right way and in a manner that best suits the needs of our clients.

Certifications & Affiliations


At RP Carder Mechanical, we value comfort, control, efficiency, and long-lasting service when it comes to heating and cooling your home or work space.  As such, we have affiliated with the two companies we feel are best in the business at aligning with our standards:  Mitsubishi and American Standard.

Distinguished Service

As the owner of RP Carder Mechanical, I am trained and certified at the highest levels offered by both Mitsubishi and American Standard.  This requires an ongoing commitment and investment in training and industry networking each year.  Most HVAC service contractors do not make these a priority in their businesses — my qualifications are second to none in Mid-Michigan.

I am also a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, which allows RP Carder Mechanical to offer distinguished services and better warranties than other contractors.  You can learn more about Diamond Contractors here.

Client Relationships

Many people think heating and air conditioning work is a standardized process and that contractor services don’t differ.  While this is true for a lot of contractors, we approach each client and project as an opportunity to build a trusting relationship, creatively identify options available, and install or retrofit with optimal quality and efficiency in mind.

No project or service call is too big or too small.  Whether we are working on a large commercial project, installing new equipment in a home, or troubleshooting a service call, each client is valued, and each client will receive our very best, professional service.

I hope you will notice the craftsmanship and integrity we take pride in bringing to your job.