Commercial Heating & Cooling Services

Keeping your customers and employees happy and comfortable are two of the biggest priorities as a business owner. When your heating or air conditioning system malfunctions, these two concerns are a challenge to accomplish.

RP Carder Mechanical is qualified, licensed  and experienced in both light and heavy commercial HVAC systems.

Heating and AC Service and Repair

Our goal is to solve your heating and cooling problems to deliver a level of satisfaction unparalleled among local heating and cooling contractors.  We like it best when our customers say “We’ve had 3 other companies out to fix our problem, and no one has been able figure it out.  Thanks!”

Many local business owners in our area are located in buildings they did not build new, and frequently heating and AC becomes an issue, especially as the building ages.  On the other hand, we have seen new buildings that have state of the art heating and cooling systems that are simply not functional and working.  Often simplifying the system can bring great improvement to the comfort level of the building.

Whatever your problem, we are committed to recommending the most efficient and economical solutions available.  When you call RP Carder Mechanical, you can be certain you are reaching a professional who has expertise and experience required to provide you with a comprehensive, easy to understand analysis of your problem, and to fix it right the first time.

No matter the brand or type, RP Carder Mechanical will service and repair your equipment.

RP Carder Mechanical will analyze each situation and  plan solutions involving the most up-to-date technology, equipment, and products available in our industry.

System Maintenance Plans

To ensure that your system is operating correctly and safely, most heating and air conditioning systems recommend that an expert inspect them at least twice a year.  By following this suggestion, your commercial furnace and AC system are less likely to cause discomfort to your customers and employees.

RP Carder Mechanical offers maintenance plans for professional cleaning, adjustment and safety checks.  Plans can be implemented and performed on all types of air conditioning and heating equipment to help maintain your system at peak performance, safety and reliable operation.

New Building Construction

RP Carder Mechanical can help you plan a heating and cooling system that will work simply, efficiently, and economically for years to come.   We frequently see new construction that utilizes state of the art heating and cooling technology that is overcomplicated for the building and frustrates its owners.   We assure you that we take both your needs as the user and inhabitant of the building into consideration with the technology and equipment to help design the best solution for our 4 season Michigan weather.