Are You Building a Custom Home or New Commercial Property?

Let RP Carder design and estimate the best heating and cooling system for your unique home or building.

Unlike basic spec homes that are built from repeatable plans, pre-designed plans, custom homes and buildings need custom designed heating & cooling systems, too.


Custom-designed homes may have the perfect floor plan and spaces for your family, but may incorporate some hard to heat and/or cool rooms.  Most unique homes have a variety of alternatives available for heating and cooling.  At RP Carder Mechanical we enjoy helping you assess which alternatives will work for you.  You may need and want multiple types of heating and and cooling systems to maximize comfort and optimize efficiency.

If you’re building a custom home, contact us today!  We enjoy and specialize in unique projects!


Most commercial buildings have multiple heating and cooling needs, such as small office along side large open work areas or spaces within a building that aren’t in use on an ongoing basis.  Zoning and fuel efficiency is key to keeping your operating costs to a minimum.  We have experience in all types of heating, cooling, and zoning systems and technologies.

The RP Carder Mechanical team are experts in designing systems for new buildings. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.  We’re also available to respond to Requests for Proposal.